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The 5th World Congress for Hallyu
The 5th World Congress for Hallyu, which is tobe held at University of Seoul, Seoul, South Korea, has a theme of "Pop Culture and Politics." Hallyu is now facing a new wave of political problems, as the former Pres­ ident Park Geun-hye and her close friend used Hallyu to solicit illicit slush funds from the chaebol. China is also banning the importation of Hallyu prod­ ucts in order to punish the Korean government, not the U.S., for deploying the THAAD(TerminalHigh Altitude Area Defense) system on the Koreanpen­ insula. Back in 2012 the Japanese ultra-right wing groups waged a series of street demonstrations in Korea Towns in Tokyo and Osaka to protest the former President Yi Myong-bak's visit to Dokdo or TakeshimaIsland.
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